At Florida Vacation Rental Law, our clients never win lawsuits! Why? Because we avoid them for pennies on the dollar.

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We draft short, friendly, & colorful agreements that guests & owners are comfortable signing. Our agreements include extensive free editing and training. Expect to increase your profit, decrease you liability, and ensure legal compliance.


Vacation Rental Managers (VRM’s) always make tax reporting errors and/or overpay unnecessarily. By example, refunds, cleaning fees, and pool heat are each taxable only sometimes. We can help with compliance and lower your taxes substantially.


There are many laws VRM’s wouldn’t know including those about service animals, purchase and content taxes, surveillance cameras, credit card fees, age discrimination, & data protection. An ounce of prevent cost about 1% of the price of a pound of cure.


Whether you need business formation or contracting, Keith Brady can help. With a strong background in business, Keith Brady is uniquely qualified to understand what business people truly need.  Traditional lawyering often does little more than produce documents from templates. However, with ever-changing laws and an ever-changing business environment, avoiding liability, reducing tax consequences, and avoiding litigation requires up to date strategies. And, the contracts you present must user-friendly to make your job easier. You can rest assured that long before you walk into the office, a lot of hard work has gone into preparing to meet your legal needs.


If you have even been involved in a lawsuit, then you probably found it to be quite a bad experience. Even when you win, it can be a bad experience. The prolonged fear of the outcome coupled with the expense you incur can wear on you. That is why an effective strategy must begin with the attorney being prompt and efficient. Add to that modern strategies such as demands for accounting, statutory fee shifting motions, eviction process bypasses, judicial dissolution, and mediation in order to litigate effectively. And add to that a good courtroom presentation, and you can make the best of a bad situation.


Keith Brady is a unique business mediator. Having worked much of his career in the business world, he understands its language and customs and is equipped to create solutions attorneys often overlook. His thorough understanding of business law helps create movement in negotiations. And, his mediation skills are rooted in training and practice as a mediator, not an attorney.  Expect more than a friendly comfortable environment. Expect a modern approach and an opportunity to settle that will exceed your expectations.


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